She blew in from over the paddocks, on a wild stormy day, over three years ago, a rather large, very shy and skittery, black hen. Ever since, I have been wooing her with scraps, pellets for town chooks and cat nuts, treats, she loves, but still, have not managed to get my hands on her.

For months she took up a precarious residence in a tall tree at the bottom of the garden, where the thin branches waving around in high winds made for very wobbly sitting, lol.  Eventually she decamped from that perch for a nest atop a giant toi toi bush, closer to the house. However, she soon realized when the sky opened up, this was without much shelter from the Winter’s rain and allowed herself to be lured into a straw filled box in the shed adjacent to the house.

A big step into her, ‘Lion’s Den’, as she had to brave the three cats and small dog, who each thought chasing her was good sport.  Her attention getting response, loud, indignant squawking, after a few days forcing a truce to be called.

Each spring season, the loud squawking, proudly proclaims egg production has begun, payment for the room and board. However, she still retains her strongly independent, aloof and untouchable self, quickly darting out of the reach of any friendly, outstretched hands. Took, tooks, of pleasure for the hand that feeds her, signals some progress in our friendship, at mealtimes.

This morning on rising, I discovered, Chookie, was walking around, and yes, had pooped, on the newly shampooed, lounge room carpet, having cunningly figured out cat-flaps lead to cat nuts.

Not believing anything in this world is accidental or without purpose, I study this visitor, sent on the wind, strutting around my lawn.  Observing each day, new parallels in my own life, with Chookies,

I wonder why she fled her old life and what made her so wary of human touch. While at the same time admiring her serenely independent, spirit, and marveling at her clever adaptability to the circumstances.

Her message to me, keep on going, you can cope, and overcome life’s adversities, I did.