It had been a big ask for me to buy that gun for your present, as I never liked them, and never gave them to my own children. Your mother told me, about how, you had spotted it in the shop window, and been hankering for it ever since, but the price was out of your range.

I wanted to give you something you really wanted, as its not often in life that happens for us. I had trouble wrapping it up, so as to disguise it, it was so long and such an odd shape.

On the day, seeing you unwrap it, unawares, the surprise, shock how did you know, Nannygranny delight, on your face was my bestest present.

I could not think of another present that would have given us both the big kick we got from that Ten Dollar plastic gun with rubber bullets and handcuffs as accessories. LOL.

Then today while visiting, I was pleasantly surprised, at how seriously responsible you were handling your new, paintball gun. Your mother and I passed you in the hallway, on your way no doubt to a shoot-up in the yard.  Quickly you informed us, that you were carrying it correctly with the safety catch on.

Perhaps kids playing with guns can have good outcomes.