once in a while sent from above gifts of great beauty occasionally appear
you came to our family more accustomed to loss giving a new vision of hope
hearts melting and bursting with love welcomed your arrival with joy

creating conditions for better tomorrows quietly you sparkled and soared
your heart full of kindness and love a gentle sensitive soul like a dove
unconditional love bridging the gaps and wings of peace encircling us all

once in a while before ever we’re ready the bells suddenly ring calling time
and straight thru the doors of our fears away with the angels you’ve flown
to the far reaches of God’s universe from where you came
hearts exploding with pain at our loss

are comforted knowing

Jared your safely home

sometimes in downtime dreamtime paths of mind
I stand enclosed in your cheek-brushing embrace
and will hear your voice saying to me

once in a while

‘Goodnight Auntie’.