Baby Blue.

‘A little bit country, a little bit rock n roll’, as the song goes, and throw in some ‘Gospel Greats’ and you have the kinda background music to my life at one time. So when my knight in shining armour finally arrived, Johnny Cash’s words, ‘Burning Ring of Fire’ are the only explanation you’ll need to know, about the once in a lifetime, crazy, all in, no matter what, instant attraction, we shared.

Seat-side, at a New Zealand, Country Music show, in our small town, giddy with love, we sang along, ‘let me be there in your morning, let me be there in your night, let me change what-ever’s wrong and make it right’ and knew this was our, forever. However, it wasn’t to be, seven years and two littles were all we were granted, before you were taken.

Fast forward thirty years. My cousin came to town recently, and I agreed to go with her to the local ‘Country Music’ club down at the RSA. A line of locals and visitors of varying talents took their turn at the open mike not really making much of an impression on the audience of mostly oldies, sipping shandies and lemonade.

Until a sharply dressed old fella who had lost his wife recently, took the mike and began to sing, ‘now I know that you wont be here no more, how I need you, how I want you, Baby Blue’. And it took me right back to you, my missing Cowboy, because you loved to dress up in blue threads, for whatever, and before even there was a song, I had named you my ‘Baby Blue’. So I tried to sing along, ‘Do you know that I’m still  in love with you, now I know that you wont be here no more, how I need you, how I want you, Baby Blue’ and nothings changed the ripping pain, it still is, and always will be, forever you.







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