At the clothesline hanging out the washing, my eyes notice a sneaky invasion, moving in from the paddock behind, weedy vines racing through my garden. Their runners, creeping up, over and around my plants and trees are strangling and suffocating to death everything in their path as they march forward.

I must admit to being busy for a couple of months, well it has been Christmas and all, but I am still shocked to see how just a little neglect has given the weeds such a great advantage.

My garden, reminding me once again, that lessons applicable to our lives are in plain sight everywhere around us, and not hard to find, if our eyes take the time. Even more vital, is the pulling out of the weeds trying to get a stranglehold in the gardens of our hearts. So my message I was sent today, deal to the weeds when little, and you’ll keep the many thriving plants essential to life, growing strong.