NannyGranny’s Olden Days’ Beginnings 35

Mum and her friend Mrs W, decided to change to new jobs. They both left the tram sheds behind to become, Night Porteress’ at the ‘Grand Hotel’ in the middle of Wellington. They stayed up all night cleaning the hotel, and doing shoe shines on the guests shoes, lined up outside their doors in the corridors. Their boss, was an elderly lady, named Mrs Coltman, who lived in the hotel the whole time and had family connections to ‘Evans’ drapery shop, she took a liking to mum and was very kind to her.

My school was going to hold events called, mother’s and daughters, and, sons and father’s nights, and sent permission forms home to be signed by parents planning to attend. None of us had any idea what it was all about as it was all top secret. Mum never signed and said she didn’t want to go, so I never got to find out what all the hush hush was about. The next day in the playground little groups of kids who had attended with their parents were huddled together, exchanging in whispers, secrets the rest of us didn’t know.