The Ballet Show.

“Nana can I ring my mother?”
“It’s the five dollar special,”
“no, why are you ringing?”
“I want to ask her to my ballet show.”
“You can ring, but let Auntie Jaimee explain it to her.”
“She’s going to meet us there.”

“Nana, Mrs Perkins said our cat costumes must be ready for Friday.”
“Get the bag of sewing scraps in my wardrobe.”
“I want to be a black and white cat.”
“Ask Auntie Jaimee if you’re using the same music from that ‘Cats’ show she went to.”
“It is Nana.”
“I want this white fur.”
“That’s from my old raincoat it will make a good bib front, paws and tail.”
“Maybe ears too Nana, we can sew them on my old black headband.”
“How about we use your Auntie Jaimee’s old black leotard and stockings.”
“Too big Nana.”
“I can fix that with safety pins.”

“Make the tail long Nana, its got to twirl, and put on a black tip.
Danielle’s suit looks like our Berlioz, all patches like a leopard.
It’s nice my mother will see my dancing, eh Nana.”
“I hope she’s not late, we know what she’s like.”

“Look at all the cars, I remember this place now, Jaimee hurry up and buy another ticket.”
“This is the ‘Little theatre’ you and Auntie Jaimee did a show here last year.”
“I need my hair up Nana.”
“Where’s your brush and hair ties.”
“I forgot, still in the car.”
“Here take the car keys and get them.”

“It’s time to get your makeup on, I’ll fetch them.”
“I’ve got no whiskers yet.”
“Don’t worry, Auntie Jaimee will draw them.”
“Hers are the best, Toya’s mum draws them right round by our ears.”
“Do good dancing, I’m going to my seat.”
“I’ve paid for an extra seat for you to sit with your mum, after your dancing part.”

Please, let her mother be dressed normal and not embarrass us. I hope they put the lights down before she sits here. Oh there she is now up the back, talking to Mrs Perkins. She looks so white and sick. at least she’s not out of it.
The eyes are meant to be the windows of the soul, no change, try to be friendly, hide the pain of seeing your appearance.
“Did you come on a motorbike?”
“No my car.”
“Oh I thought your leather jacket and boots were motorbike gear.”

“Hope’s pleased you’re coming she will sit with you, after her bit.
Here’s the lights coming up, there she is, front left, she’s doing well.”
“Why is her tail so long?”
“That’s the way she wanted it.”
“Nana I’m sitting on mum’s knee. I saw you come mum. I knew you were in time mum. I was watching from behind the curtain. Did you see me mum. Nicole was late she had to run on with no makeup.

“It’s halftime, come and buy something to eat, and then I have to go.”
“Why mum.”
“I’ve things to do.”
“I wanted you to stay for the whole show.”
“I can’t pet.”
“Come and sit with Nana. Say bye.”
“Bye mum, thanks for the drink and chips.”