protea blogA while ago, on one of those days we all experience, of feeling down, sad or neglected, I began to notice, what I first thought, was a random happening, special little messages in God’s creation, popping up in my day. I have now learned, that instead of being random, these messages are actually, ‘on purpose’, encouragements from above and to  go about my day, keeping my eyes open, so I will find this day’s one.

One message came on a birthday morning. Walking out to check my letterbox, my eyes noticed a beautiful peach colored rose flower, I had never seen before, poking its head out amongst the greenery of my garden. I have a habit of gathering up cuttings from wherever, poking them in the garden and hoping they take, so wallah, I have a new plant. That was my rational explanation for that beautiful flower, that day, however deep inside, I just knew it was my Birthday present from above.

Another message came, on a sad anniversary, it was a perfectly, heart shaped, rock gift. My feet, had to trip over that one in the sand at the beach, that day, for me to recognize it and pick it up to bring home. Lol.

During a troubling time for our family, I was cheered, by the return of a pair of black and white magpies, who used to live in a tree near me and wake me each morning with their singing, before stealing the cats nuts from my deck. They had been missing for months, but reappeared, that day, to sit side by side on the power line outside my window warbling loudly out to me, before I got the message and looked out to acknowledge them.

Now my, in box, is full up with daily messages, so I want to encourage you, to keep your eyes open, for your own special, on ‘purpose’ messages, each day. No matter where you are, what you are doing, or how you are feeling, God is always trying to break through.



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