Eating alone is not much fun, so I just love it when I get invited to share with family. One of my daughters, a busy mum with four young ones and a hectic job, only has time to whip up culinary delights that are, ‘easy peasy’. So last night, NannyGranny not only got to share a family meal but also this delicious treat. Give it a go you’ll love it.



Crush one packet of digestive biscuits, add a few chopped nuts, pecans if want, and mix with 125g of butter.
Put this as your base in a loose bottomed pan, makes it easier to remove whole.
Chill ten minutes.
Pour over two tins of already caramel condensed milk.
Whip up a 500g bottle of cream with a splash of vanilla.
Spread on the top with thin slices of bananas, chocolate buttons/chips.
Chill again until firm and ready to eat, about fifteen minutes.

If you like to make your own caramel, boil together a can of condensed milk and a 100g each of butter, dark brown sugar comes out a bit thicker.

You’ll Enjoy!!! NannyGranny.