The Pinecone Forest

the pinecone forestEach day, Bossy Hanky Panky loves taking his walk in the Pinecone forest, sometimes joined by his friend George, for a doggydate, and often there’s the odd Grandkid or two, that NannyGranny is babysitting.

Living downunder, we are starting to think about feeding the woodburner in winter and Pinecones make excellent fire starters, so the walk also turns into a Pinecone hunter’s competition.

Carrying shopping bags and essential treats, from the store on the way there, the two legged ones scour the forest floor, pretending to be like Spyro, finding his gems, on their PS2 game.

The four legged ones go into sniff overdrive, try to leave messages on every tree, and run to and fro, flushing out the odd hare or rabbit for a chase, but mostly having to settle for birds, all of whom, always win.

At the end, Pinecone counts are taken, rewards allocated, and back home the growing box of Pinecones, tells of God’s provision for us.


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