NannyGranny’s Olden Days’ Middle Years 26

After having no contact with the boyfriend for a few weeks, I discover I am pregnant and phone him up to announce the news that he is going to be a father again. He is excited to hear from me, has been missing me, and is very pleased at my news, driving through the night to arrive just before dawn.

He seems to have got past all his previous reservations, telling me this new baby is just as much one of his, as his other children. Lots of cuddles and kisses later, we make plans to marry and buy a house together in Masterton, big enough to fit his, hers, and ours, kids, and in the evening we go out for dinner to celebrate.

Hating to leave, but needing to return to the Wairarapa for his work the next day, he heads off very late in the night. He must have been over tired as he fell asleep at the wheel. The car, without anyone in control, crosses the center line and hits the side of a small bridge flipping completely over onto its hood. Stunned, and trapped inside, he comes to, hearing a man shouting for everyone to, ‘get back! get back! the car might explode!’ because of the petrol pouring out all over the road.

A brave lady motorist, ignores the man shouting and comes to put her hand inside the car and turn off the motor, all the while shouting for him to get out now! Hearing her voice, he makes a huge effort to pull his large six foot frame, over the steering wheel to crawl out through the smashed front windscreen. She then helps him to get clear of the wreck, just in the proverbial, nick of time, as the car then explodes into flames.

I heard the news from one of his daughters phoning and couldn’t believe that my new found happiness had so quickly been crushed. On the long drive to the Masterton hospital, where the ambulance had taken him, I just kept praying to God not to take him now.

I arrived to see, a very swollen, battered and bruised face, greet me, propped up in bed surrounded by his children. He was very grateful to be alive and kept repeating, probably due to shock, how thankful he was to the brave lady who had dared to help at his accident scene.

Myself and the children squeezed into his small Featherston house, with him and his children, and we all cared for him until he recovered. It took a couple of months until he was able to walk properly again.

After obtaining the final, Decree, Absolute, for my divorce, we headed off to tie the knot and officially become husband and wife, at the Wellington Registry office. My  Nana, and now grown up Cousin Judith, joined us to be the witnesses.

Afterwards, we went to a posh hotel to celebrate, with a special lunch. My Nana, a bit of a ‘penny pincher’ will not be persuaded to order anything other than a toasted sandwich, which we thought, but never said, was a bit hilarious.

On our way back to Featherston, we squeezed up together in a photo booth in the Johnsonville mall, to take a Wedding picture. I am pinching myself, hardly able to believe, my good fortune to have found, such a good humored, kind hearted, caring man. My Prince in shining armour has arrived, and I love him like crazy. Both of us are happy with getting another go at our one true love.

After the sale of our houses, our combined families move together, into an old character house in Church Street Masterton. Where we hope to grow old together.


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