Last thing every day, before sleeping, I like to reflect back over the day’s happenings. Some days suck, they are so hard going, lots of days are just mundane boring, and a few are standout gems. However, I have found, if I take the time, every day has hidden nuggets of joy to reveal in its passing.

Yesterday, I watched my six months old Grandson on ‘tippy toes’, in his, Jolly Jumper, wildly bouncing and spinning ever and ever higher with the greatest gusto and joy. The more deliriously, giddy happy, and chuckling he became, the bigger the smiles of joy, on us observers grew.

In my evening reminiscing, the Jolly Jumper became my daily joy nugget, bringing back smiles to my face thinking about it. More importantly, simple as it sounds, those last thoughts allowed me to shut the day’s door on a good note, and drift off peacefully.

Let’s face it, every day is one more used up of our total allotment, so find your good joy nuggets, hand over the bad, and go to sleep looking forward to a fresh new start tomorrow.