April Fool’s Day

April fool’s day, was today, here down under, and it got me thinking about the ‘Good Luck’ ritual, that our Nana taught my sister and I. She reckoned, that if we managed to make the words,’White Rabbits’, the last we said when going to sleep on the eve of April Fool’s Day, and the words, ‘Brown Hares’, the first out of our mouth on waking it would be, ‘Good Luck’ for us.

Sleeping in the same room as my sister, it took a bit of self control to do the, ‘White Rabbits’, part, but we always seemed to talk to each other on waking, before remembering to say the, ‘Brown Hares’, words. But we never worried as Nana had a whole bagful of tricks on how to get, ‘Good Luck’.

As a Nannygranny, to seven local grandchildren, four of whom attend the same primary school, I am always interested in their level of general knowledge. To my way of thinking education was way better in my day, LOL. At least we could say our times tables by rote and read using phonics to sound out words.

Anyway, back in February, while babysitting some of the grandchildren, we discussed how there were twenty nine days in that month, to catch up some missing time and that’s why it’s called a, ‘Leap Year’, and also the old yarn about girls being able to ask a boy to marry them in a ‘Leap Year’, reversing what usually happens.

Today, when seeing the grandchildren after school, I asked about ‘April Fool’s Day to see if they knew about it. Yes they did, apparently their teacher and headmaster at their small parochial school had actually perpetrated a big hoax on all their students.

A new school timetable had been posted in the classroom overnight that detailed heaps more school work to be done that required their school time to be extended by another three quarters of an hour. Completely fooled, the students began coming up with reasons why they couldn’t possibly do that, before the principal and teacher laughingly told them, ‘April Fool’s.