NannyGranny’s Olden Days’ Middle Years 39

I hesitated to put this next bit on here, as it does sound a bit baty and far fetched, however, my life story is just that, my life story. Awakening, the morning after my desperate, on my knees, prayer to God, the night before, something weird was happening.

I was experiencing my eyes seeing reality through a prism of unreal, vividly iridescent, glowing colours. Panicked, I thought maybe I had died and was in heaven, as it seemed like I was in another dimension, yet I was still aware of my room.

Getting up, I went and took a look out of the window. My view of the hedge and garden plants was even stranger.

Not only did their colours appear like someone had turned their saturation up to maximum vibrancy, they were actually pulsating, and I was able to see inside their leaves, all the little crisscross pathways of veins.

Scared now, that something must have gone wrong with my eyesight, I ran outside and looked up. The sky, I had shaken my fist at in my grief a few months ago, has turned an incredibly brilliant, deep blue, I have never seen before. While the sun, now looks like a ginormous spinning orange ball, akin to a Van Gogh painted sun. Having heard stories from  people talking about their drug related, altered reality, this is all I have to compare my experience with, except, I am not on any medication.

My brain, trying to make sense of what is happening, remembers the prayer and thinks, maybe, as unlikely as it seems, perhaps this is your doing God, or have I completely lost the plot. Following along after that thought, came another far out one, that God was playing a hilarious joke, showing off, by playing around with reality to prove to me he was real.

These ideas make my inner feel like it’s going to explode, as an overwhelming urge to laugh out loud, at the craziness of my thinking bubbles up. Unable to contain the hilarity and joy inside, it bursts right out.

Standing in my garden, laughing out loud, bathed in the curious glowing colours, I feel such a great peace flooding my inner being, turning my life from the pit of black depression and grief, that I just know, this must be God. Forever more, I will never ever be able to deny him.

Slowly the colours fade to normal, leaving me with a compelling desire to go on a quest. I want to discover more about the God who has shown his power to me. Rifling through my ‘junk room’ cartons, I manage to find my old, girl’s school, bible, hoping it may have some answers I need, to go on.