NannyGranny’s Olden Days’ Middle Years 40

The dramatic change in my thinking, after God broke into my world revealing himself, has me desperate to know more. Impelled by the idea that looking in a bible might help, I begin reading the little bible, from my long ago, Girl’s school, days. Obligatory for following along with the headmistress reading aloud in assemblies, but now amazing me as I read its words with new eyes.

Each morning after the house is quiet, children at school, the teenage daughter who is helping me cope, at her hairdressing work, I literally devour the pages, cover to cover. Familiar with some of the stories, I thought were just nice little homilies or tales with a moral, I discover God’s cohesive plan of people and places that, all woven together, detail his creation.

My mother visits and tells me If I don’t stop reading, I will go mad, not understanding, I was mad, but now am free of the tormenting thoughts. Feeling like some sort of religious zealot who has discovered the keys of the universe, I now understand how for hundreds of years, millions have died willingly, to publish and live by its revelations. While at the same time, I feel sad no-one in my family knows of it.

After reading through three versions in as many months and a carton of books dropped on the doorstep by a relative, I decide to check out the Churches in my town. I know my experience does not fit into the traditional religious box, but hope to find people who can understand the new love I feel in my heart for God.

Fortunately, the first Sunday in my search, I walk into a large community church and am greeted by happy people singing joyous music, and reading along from bibles as a visiting preacher is teaching. His message explains about the baptisms, I had read of in the bible. I decide I want to stand up for Jesus and declare my new found faith to the world by being water baptized.

At the finish, he calls for anyone who wants to be ‘Born Again’ to come up front and pray with him. As he leads them in the words of a prayer for Salvation, I realize that Catherine Marshall’s book, ‘Something More’ was a God accident that in my desperate need lead me  to their same place, I am a ‘Born Again’ believer.

After meeting someone new to love, I get remarried. We attend church together, and after being water baptized in a spa pool, and receiving the infilling of the Holy Spirit with talking in tongues, a special prayer language from God, we decide to take time out to really understand the words in his bible, by attending a bible school.

Enrolling at a two year bible school course in Wellington, our nearest city, we pack up the house, rent it out and move. Settled in a new house and work for the hubby, the children enrolled in a lovely little Christian school, we join our fellow students and return to studying.