NannyGranny’s Olden Days Endings 2

A crafty friend recently gave me the gift of a hand painted stone, embellished with the words, ‘LAUGH DAILY’. A line in the bible says, ‘a merry heart doeth good like a medicine’. This was proven to be true after it was found that recovery times for patients in hospitals improved greatly, when shown comedy movies. So, I have added this mission of daily laughs to my to do list.

My, very first blog posting, ‘NannyGranny’s Olden Days’ Introduction’, outlines where I am at in my life and my current priorities. After years of being controlled by other things, I am trying to do only what I really, really, like, and take the time to enjoy my loved ones.

Grandchildren and School holiday visits always give me the pleasure of combining both, while also having some great laughs. Kids do say, ‘the darndest things’ lol.

Feeling too creaky, for a full on invasion during their recent break, I divided my seven local grandchildren and a couple of visitors, up into age and activity appropriate groupings, then like a big kid myself, joined them having some simple fun.

Together, we enjoyed, sleep overs, sliding down sand dunes, paddling, jumping waves, and floating wooden log boats out on the tide from the water’s edge at the beach.

Swinging high at the park, swims at the indoor pool, covered in giant inflatable critters for climbing and diving off, plus hours spent helping, Crash Bandicoot defeat, ‘The Wrath of Cortex’ on our still popular PS2, were more fun times.

I am sure, it not only gave us all some great memories but added to my kudos as a ‘cool’ NannyGranny. Every activity we interspersed with a strictly kids’ choice, menu, which I must confess to, not only  allowing but enjoying myself, sorry parents.

What’s more yummy than, ‘Coro Street’ ‘chip butties’ with hot dogs, or pies and milkshakes at the local bakery for lunches. I also can recommend cream donuts and custard squares, washed down with flavoured milk, for afternoon tea at the park. Throwing in lots of NannyGranny’s most popular, Double Chocolate Muffins and you get the picture, a little bit junk foodie.

While the past fortnight, has temporarily slowed down my blogging, and I am left feeling a bit exhausted, most importantly, I can confirm, there’s nothing like spending time with a bunch of kids to get your LAUGH meter racing to the top.

Hearing children’s refreshingly simple, oftentimes hilarious, views on the world, stories of what’s important from their perspective, about their lives, with the ability to input some encouragement and wisdom is a huge reward.

On the last day, bike riding with my eldest Grandson, I managed to hit a bump in the path we were on, and get myself bucked off. Fortunately, I unconsciously rolled as I fell and after doing a mental check up, decided everything felt okay.

As I lay in a crumpled heap on the grassy verge, alongside my crashed bike, helmet askew, looking up at the blue sky, with a worried Grandson bent over, peering at me, asking ‘did I need help’, the biggest unstoppable belly laugh just came bursting out.

The thoughts of how crazy ridiculous, I, a seventy something NannyGranny, must have looked to the ones in cars passing by, probably tut tutting for doing that at her age, made for irresistible laughing.

So if you want to increase your daily laughs, try taking in a kid or two for some adventures, I can guarantee they will do the trick.