‘Mother’s day’ is meant to be a special day, we set aside to pause briefly and remember with warm fuzzy feelings of thanksgiving, the mothers who bore us and gave us life. For many all around the world, today, it is exactly that, a sharing of love, closeness, cards, and gifts.

But, what if your reality is different? you are a child or mother, who for a myriad of reasons, I can think of, were never able to experience, or give, a mother’s caring nurturing love. Or perhaps you might be heartbroken, and lonely, because death has robbed you of the one, you would give anything to share today with, and all you have are sad memories.

I would like to encourage those of you, blessed with loved ones, let them enjoy being important enough to you today, for you to share some of your love and time, as life constantly changes and tomorrow is not a given.

If you are like me and in the other group, the only way to get through the day, and the future, is just a prayer away. Stop for a minute, and ask the Heavenly father to send his healing power to bind up the wounds of your broken heart. I know he will hear and answer.

Sometimes when it feels like life is too much, I often recite the words of the ‘Lords Prayer’ a few times, finding it helps difficult moments pass.

I remember just before mother’s day one year, as a hard up bible school student shopping in the local mall for groceries, we were given a red rose with a number attached, in their mother’s day promotion. The idea was to return a few days latter and see if your number was drawn to win one of the prizes.

On the day, I wasn’t going to bother, not really into anything that seemed like gambling. However, as my daughter had prayed for us to win and wanted to go, to please her, we took our number and joined the crowd gathered in the mall.

As we waited, a strange feeling of knowing that we were going to win came over me. Sure enough our number came out for the first prize, a voucher for 500 dollars, to spend in any of the mall stalls.

God sees our, struggles, cares, worries and pain mothers and he loves us and wants to help, yes even a raffle sometimes. That might be shock horror to some, LOL.

His words to us are, ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you.’