The still small voice.



After becoming a Christian, I read in the bible where Jesus said, after he left the earth, he would send God’s Holy Spirit to lead and guide us into ‘all truth’. At first I thought that meant the truth about the scriptures, but later I came to realize ‘all truth’ applied to every aspect of our lives.

I can recall many times experiencing an intuition, a thought or idea on the inside that I ignored or overrode, only to discover, too late, it had been correct and was actually God’s Holy Spirit, leading me to know a ‘truth’.

His speaking to me in a still small voice.

However, after deciding to train myself to pay attention and listen on purpose, I am getting more sensitive to hearing the messages he is trying to get through and act on them.

Twice this past week, I have received the help of the Holy Spirit leading me into ‘truth’ just when I needed it.

The first time was, when I arrived home from an all day outing and discovered my much prized, hard earned, expensive camera was missing. Trying not to panic, I prayed and asked for help before setting about retracing my steps.

Of all the places I had visited that day, I got an impression on the inside, of the log, I had sat on when walking the dog at our local beach. Sure enough, many hours later there it was, slipped down behind the log out of sight. Thank you Holy Spirit.

Ever since my car had a water hose replaced by the mechanic at my local garage, it had been losing water, and I was having to top it up each time I used it.

Trying to avoid another visit to the mechanic who charges an arm and a leg, I asked God to show me the problem.

Waking up the next morning, I had a strong feeling to look under the cars bonnet and take all the little parts, like the radiator cap, the overflow container and tubes apart and wash them out. Which I did.

After flushing out some rusty bits in the process, I was doing the reassembly when I spotted that the mechanic had put the overflow bit on back to front. Instead of replacing water in the radiator it was draining it out.

After a refill my water problem was solved. My knowledge of cars is very limited, but not the Holy Spirits, lol, thankfully, my second ‘truth’ help out.

I would like to encourage everyone to listen out for the ‘small still voice’ of the Holy Spirit leading you into all ‘truth’ for your life.

PS. I was able to pay it forward by giving some extra money to the ‘Love a Child’ mission I support, so better outcome still.