For a short time

For a short time, during sleepovers at Nannygrannys, the music to my ears, chattering, giggling, sounds of kid’s voices, in the house, is heard again.

Where shall we put our stuff?
Which bed are we sleeping in?
I’m hungry what’s to eat?
Can I have another chocolate muffin?
Can we play the playstation?
He’s had a long turn its my turn!
Are we going to the forest dog walk?
Let’s make spider drinks with the fizzy!
Can we turn on our programs?
Yes, mum lets us watch this one?
Spotty has a very droopy tummy!

For a short time, I’m transported back, busy mothering and nurturing, with an extra dollop of nannygranny spoiling.

What’s for tea?
I did so wash my hands!
Is there any pudding?
Can I lick the beater?
Let’s say grace!
I like your meat patties nannygranny!
Can I have more ice-cream?
Hanky tried to bite me!
Shall I put my dinosaur onesie on?
Can we read books in bed?
Aunty got me this cow teddy!
I don’t like it dark can we have a light on?

For a short time, my under stimulated brain is engaged, entertained, and challenged by questions, and conversations, about anything and everything under the sun.

You make good porridge Nannygranny!
I need more brown sugar!
Can I have two toasts?
I want jam and cheese together!
Bags on backs home-time!
Bye, Nannygranny!
See you next time!

Love youse! kiss, have a good day, God Bless!








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