The ‘Howrah’ ship’s records have my ancestors names listed, as Mary and Henry McKegney, and that’s how the spelling stayed in New Zealand. I suspect the various spellings I’ve found in their records, an (i) in the McKeigney of their marriage certificate and McKagney, McCagney etc, were the result of how the recorders ears interpreted broad Irish accents.

Henry McKegney’s Parents were John McKegney and Hannah McCallum.

Henry’s sibling, a brother Peter McKegney, possibly a twin to Henry, who was first married in 1870 to Bridget Rodgers and had a daughter Rose Ann, born at Six Mile Cross, County Tyrone on the 19th March 1871, was remarried in 1876 to Margaret MCallum, before also coming to New Zealand with little Rose Ann.

Henry’s sibling, a sister, Catherine McKegney, who had also traveled from Ireland on the ‘Howrah’ in 1876 with them, married William Henry Frederick Johansen, the 24th May 1877 at the Catholic Church in Blenheim. Signing the marriage certificate as witnesses are her brother, Peter McKegney and second wife Hannah McCallum.

Peter and Catherine and their families moved south to Christchurch and my Great Grandparents, Henry and Mary settled in Blenheim. In the 1879 electoral rolls they are listed in the Wairau district living at Manse Road Blenheim and Henry’s occupation is labourer.

Mary McKegney nee McCann, parents names Thomas McCann and Roseanna Campbell married the 20th November 1855, Clogher County, Tyrone, Northern Ireland. Her siblings are, John, Rosanna, Thomas, Teresa, Patrick and Joseph McCann.

In the 1901 Irish Census both of her parents Thomas and Rosanna were living at house 18 Dunbiggan Tyrone with Patrick.

1901 irish census mccann

In the 1911 Irish Census the family has moved and Rosanna is missing, only Thomas and son Patrick are listed.1911 irish census mccann

I am thinking perhaps Roseanna is now deceased.