Back in my day, I can remember, the early years after I was born.
Rationing, making do, and going without, yet nobody grumbled about being poor, because, the whole country was making a sacrifice, joining our men, the ones who had answered the call, ‘for king and country’ and were away winning the world war.
Back in my day, I can remember, toys I loved as a wee small kid.
Teddies with tummies that growled, and golliwogs black, Kewpie dolls, peg dolls, little cane prams, rocking horses, three wheeler trikes and train sets racing a track, a skipping rope with ball bearing handles to twirl and a few treasured toys making it through, to our house.
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Back in my day, I can remember, our favorite sweeties.
Hokey pokey, blackballs and sour raspberry drops, toffee milks, jelly jubes, and sucking a mackintosh, coconut ice, and dear little packets filled with tiny dolly mixtures, while days at the fair got our eyes popping and mouths watering seeing the toffee apples and candy floss there.
Back in my day, I can remember, being sent off to school.
Reading, writing, times tables by rote, polio jabs from a nurse, and serious rules getting enforced with a strap were no joke, filling our day the teachers cared not a bit, if we thought it no fun, wishing instead, nine times nine is eighty one, was drummed permanently inside our heads. Later on my good friend Judith, I met.

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 Back in my day, I can remember, we had plenty of work.
Wages enough paid the rent and left some over, ready to be spent, on ‘Twiggy’ like mini skirts and music records sung by the ‘King’, offices, shops, factories, and eating out places, provided many jobs letting us choose, but higher education back then was only for a wealthy few.
Back in my day, I can remember, when Prince Charming arrived.
In our youthful innocence and hope, we pledged to love forever and ever, as we danced down the marriage aisle, with never a thought on how this was possible, we just truly believed, until a day sadly arrived, where unable to cope, and losing the way, with a love sucked dry, stealing the dream, cutting it short, we were left feeling truly deceived.
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