Monsters galore, and every where, the theme for celebrations of my little grandson’s first birthday.

monster brtdy 1.JPG

Participating in the beginnings of your life journey little grandson, first birthday, first steps, first time ripping off paper to reveal presents, my prayer for your future is, that every step along your path in life will be blessed of God and smothered with lashings of love.


Playing pass the parcel, enjoying new gifts, eating sweet treats and slices of birthday cake washed down with fizz, (party days only) my prayer for your future is, that you may always enjoy times of blessings, fun and plenty in your life.054However, if, as so often happens in this life, different circumstances are to cross your path as you journey on, my payer for you is, that God’s love and wisdom will always be over and above more than enough to enable you to overcome any adversity, as your NannyGranny nearing the end of the path has found to be absolutely true.

1 brtdy present

  Many, many happy returns to a dear wee boy.