DECEPTION is your name
pathological lies your game,
cruising internet dating sites
ENSNARING vulnerable women without much fight!

CUNNING words open the door
feigning love forever more,
then when the baited trap is set
PRETENDING wanes anger and control now is met.

RELENTLESS times of fear
command escape from the lair,
a rejection you cannot abide
PARANOIA madness triggers anger threatens suicide.

In the middle is the child
a pawn to use in your wild,
KARMA puts you in the dock we hear
convicted SEXUAL ASSAULT on a young girl brings more fear.

RAGING for your rights
demanding access in your spite,
to and fro her mother battles forth
wanting to protect keep safe her little PRECIOUS one of great worth.

 No right or wrong the law is mad
do all kids really need visits with all dads?
is exposure to denial of
a many faceted abuse SICKNESS
really for her good
too late time must tell
did it harm or bless.


In the dark places God alone is the one we must trust.


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