Walking the dog, was one of the trickier moves all my school friends and I spent hours trying to master, back in the day, (1950’s lol), when YoYoes were storming the world.

Nowadays, most of my compatriots and I are retired and still ‘walking the dog’ but now we have our, for real, fur babies, on the end of the strings.

My mother, before she passed, had a little ‘Bichon’ dog, ‘Truffy’, that meant so much to her that she was completely besotted.  Sadly, at that time, I was too wrapped up in my own life to really understand why.

However, fast forward ten years, I have now learned that there’s a large hole of loneliness and isolation for people living alone, that is filled by owning a pet friend.

The amount of heart space they manage to take over, with their forever devotion and faithfulness, is huge.

The full extent of which we only comprehend when, sadly, doggy forever years, are never enough in human years.

When my dear companion for fifteen years, ‘Ruthie’ a Sydney Silkie, recently passed, I was left devastated.  Going all in from the heart, brings both, great love rewards and huge loss.



Currently my pet tally is one cat, one chook, who flew in on a storm, and another dog, a very insecure needy, little ‘Griffon’, named ‘Hanky’ who didn’t suit his boisterous first family.

hanky's green scarf pic.JPG


The big mystery for me about owning a dog is, how do they tell the time?  They know and eagerly expect, meal times and walkies at the exact same time each and every day.

Three pm every afternoon, is the cue for Hanky to begin his walkies attention seeking.

First there’s the wet nose nudging a bare leg or thrust into a hand bit, before excited runs to and fro to the glass sliding door are begun, then to ramp up the guilt trip to fever pitch, soft whimpers escalate in frequency and sound to all out loud barking.

We drive together to one of his three walking places, the forest, the river boardwalk, or the beach, places that never fail to stimulate my bit of creativity.

Going ‘walk about’ among the critters in God’s beautiful creation, I have to take along the camera.



Now to the fringe benefits I experience, after, to be honest, prodding my (a bit unwilling) body into action.  I have discovered and science is now saying, swapping the indoors for walkies in nature is a great lifter of the spirits.

Breathing seems easier in the fresh air, and no matter how much we cut back, the ever spreading waistlines are slowed.

Doing meet and greet with other walkies along the way, (dogs are great conversation openers), gives us both social interaction with our own kind, haha.




I would encourage anyone ‘stuck’ for whatever reason, to choose to take in one of the many abandoned pets, that need love and care, because, God’s world operates on sowing and reaping, what you give out will come back to you.

Even better medicine than doctors and pills is a dog to take you on neighborhood walkies, try it, the results might surprise you.  Animal loves in my life have only ever bought me great happiness and pleasure.