Well, I very nearly ‘bust my guts’ today, lol, a saying I picked up as a kid from my Nana.

Together, her and I would struggle to drag the heavy milk crates, full up with glass bottles of milk, from her shop doorstep where the milkcart man left them, inside her little dairy.

Each morning, she would declare the heavy crates were either going to ‘bust her guts’ sometimes it was ‘bloody’ guts, after which she would apologize to me for swearing, or else they were going to be ‘the death of her’.

Luckily, neither of these came to pass and she lived a grand ninety one years.  Not nearly enough though.

In seventy years of living, I have had lots of gut busting moments, however, today, it was a huge grassy weed in my garden that had defied all past attempts to be removed, that had me sweating.

My idea that I might win out this time was based on all the recent torrential rain we had endured, way beyond the usual spring showers.  I was hoping, maybe, they softened up the soil enough to assist.

Not so much, no, as it turned out, round and round with my big spade I went, digging deeper and deeper loosening the roots, with my back feeling sorer and sorer, yet still that ugly thing clung on.

Time for a cuppa.

Determined, I returned to the battle, nearly breaking the spade handle putting too much pressure on it for leverage.  Fast forward, eventually, I did it.


Now, I just have to get it into the wheelbarrow and fill in the big hole left behind, without breaking my guts.

Tomorrow will do, Chookie can enjoy a big peck and scratch first.

Of course, I couldn’t help but think, while I was fighting the battle, how, just in living life we all develop weeds in the gardens of our hearts.

Sometimes, they have grown so very big and entrenched, their deep deep roots can only be removed with God’s help.

In his time, he softens us up, revealing them slowly, as we can cope, before carefully digging away and removing them.

In Psalm 138.8 it tells us, ‘God will perfect that which concerns me’ and the best part, he fills up the holes left behind by pouring in more of his love.

As we are all works in progress, I so wish Christians would stop busting their guts being critical fruit inspectors of others’ weeds, and allow God and them to work out what concerns them.

Then after that, on our afternoon walkies, we passed by some large cows and the little dog tried barking at them, but they just stood their ground, haha.


When small minded people are yapping, just stand your ground, in Jesus we are ‘more than overcomers’.

God Bless All.