Beach Walkabout

If, I never harnessed up the little dog and went walkabout for some fresh air and a change of scenery each day, I’m convinced, l would go completely ‘stir crazy’ doing the same old, same old.img_2251More cute than handsome, the little dog and I  like to enjoy our, nearby coastal beach walkabouts, on weekdays, when there is just the company of a few locals.  At weekends, its no fun ducking and weaving along the sand overflowing with an invasion of hordes of townies.

During days of stormy weather, the angry waves have tossed ashore huge amounts of driftwood.  Littered all over the beach, their aromas are like a beautiful smelling scent, exciting the little dog’s nose as he gallops around, rushing from pile to pile, smelling and marking.img_2279Ignoring the dark sky above the sand dunes threatening rain, we risk a drenching and venture on.

Seagulls, circling around squawking overhead, are another irresistable distraction.  Going into what looks like a frenzied dog dance, he races, flat out, around and around tracking them, staring upwards and jumping, as if somehow in his dreams, haha, he could snatch one out of the sky.img_2326Looking like a ginormous sea monster, this natural tree stump sculpture puzzles another on a walkies mission. Starting out a wee bit leery, the little brown spotted, eventually decides it passes the sniffing test and adds his mark. Lol.img_2292I couldn’t believe this pair of Alsatians, raced down out of the sand dunes to actually plunge right into the freezing cold waves and splash about like it was a full on summer’s day.  Perhaps their thick coats insulate them.img_2271After hiking further up the beach a way, my tired, seventy something, legs, were happy to sink down on one of the huge tree roots.  Having a sit, staring out to sea, in awe of the ocean’s vast, bigness, I couldn’t help but wonder, from where across the other side of the world the tide had floated them all.img_2275I enjoy people watching and imagining what I can deduce about others’ lives.  A couple of my fellow walkers doing their bit for ‘clean and green’ New Zealand, came along picking up the plastic junk also washed ashore with the storm, they are definitely, Eco Warriors!img_2295 In my crafty past, this was me, combing through the driftwood in search of treasures, to create sculptures. Needing a pirate sword is no problem for this little boy out with Grandad.img_2320The brown spotted dog’s owners appear to be checking out the sea food’s, Pippis and Toheroas, breathing holes.img_2303And an old bomb on wheels, cruises past, hooning dangerously close to the wet sand.  Like its a rite of passage, the young and carefree ones inside, probably their first set of wheels, ignore the risk of getting stuck like so many others before them.

Needing to be rescued with a tractor pull before the tide gets your car always brings a bit of reality.img_2285Heading homeward towards the surf lifesavers’ club house, and lookout, my lungs full of fresh sea air are breathing much easier. Must be why in days gone by the sick and infirm were sent to the seaside to recover. img_2322Having a barefoot paddle at the seashore’s edge looking out to the far distant horizon, I am once again reminded of a church song, from days gone by.  ‘My God is so big, so strong and so mighty, there’s nothing my God cannot do’!

If we keep the faith, he will be more than enough to help us cope with the ginormous logs and sea monster challenges life throws up on the shores of our lives.double-rainbowI’m leaving, feeling like I have visited God in his real temple, the great outdoors, whose beauty and vivid colors scream out, LOOK AT ME, trust and believe, this is I, your ‘GOD’ who created this, and I’m still holding it all together.

I encourage everyone to lookup, lookout and go walkabout.

Shalom, God Bless Coral