Awaken Arise and come Forth

My thoughts on, why, all around the globe, little pockets of awakened peoples are bravely arising and coming forth to smash a hole in the smothering blanket of so called, ‘political correctness’ in a revolt to retain their freedoms to enjoy, the identity, customs, culture, and unique way of doing things in their own country.

Contrary to the ‘globalists’ thinking, this is not some dirty word, ‘nationalism’, far right plot, but rather, a groundswell of commonsense, ordinary, everyday, hardworking citizens struggling to survive, saying enough is enough.

Why should we feel ashamed or guilty for being fed up with the mass enforcement of the ‘Beatles’, ‘great big melting pot, turning out coffee colored people by the score’ philosophy, that is not working?

For generations, it has been our traditions and celebrations as a country and family that have been the glue forging common bonds with our neighbors and knitting us together into a more united than divided populace.

The results of our way of life being ripped to shreds, is the dog eat dog, unraveling of society, and the flaunting of the ‘all about me’ haves in the faces of the have nots.

Demands are growing ever louder for the false god of globalism, who enriches only the few fat cats breathing the heady air of society’s top echelon, to be smashed to smithereens.

Not quite ‘French Revolution’ yet, however, it has become increasingly obvious to many the pendulum of world affairs has swung way too far out of balance in favor of the few over the many.

Brexit, was the Pied Piper, kicking open the door for this movement to wrest the power back off the oppressing globalist elites, with their ‘let them eat cake’ blindness, and transfer it back to where it belongs, in the people’s hands.

For those following suit, Trump, Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders, and others, this same reason is now horrifying the wanna be, masters of universe, squealing outrageously, but resonating with the many oppressed and suffering under their yoke.

Change time has arrived, the only answer I believe as to why this movement is having the success it is, has been, the effective fervent prayers of God’s people.

Now we get our turn, like Joshua, to choose you this day, who we will serve, the status quo or the fresh chance to begin anew on offer.  Lets, Awake, Arise and come Forth, to throw out the ‘global one world’ ‘new world order’ and then hold the replacements accountable to recreate his world on a more just, moral and fairer to all, system.


God Bless Coral.