At the Forest 3

‘DUMB’, ‘DUMBER’, ‘DUMBEST’ and ‘CUTEST’, the awards categories in my year of camera pics taken during walkabouts at the dog’s walking forest.


‘DUMB’ is this young fella, who raced past, driving standing up while doing fancy moves on his ATV,  just when I was trying to work out how to capture movement in my pics, haha.


‘DUMBER’ a group of, stupid is as stupid does, guys, who thought it a bright idea to rip out bollards and turn the walking track into a car track, totally ignoring the real road a few feet away!



Oooops!!! spotted the camera, reality is, not a happy camper anymore, funny that.


‘DUMBEST’ as well as most dangerous, another racing ATV rider, no helmets and purposely yanking the steering to swerve from side to side of the road, like he was trying to roll it, while the little kid behind him hangs on for dear life.


Karma, comes around, HAHA, bogged down in a drain and having to dismount and push it out spoils his fun.


LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION, my ‘CUTEST’ pic award has to go to this hilarious, growling little guy, who, because of old age and bad temper has got his own version of backpacking down pat.


Moral of the story, since cameras went cell phone, there’s a ‘candid camera’ moment anywhere, anytime, so try keeping cute cool, not dumb cool, selfies anyone?

God Bless.