‘Twinkly’ houses, are lighting up all over our little town. Decorated by ‘Twinklies’ enthusiasts/addicts, lol, for whom adorning the usual indoor Christmas tree is just, you know, too small potatoes. For ‘Twinklies’ junkies, lighting up the great outdoors is the ultimate challenge.img_5978

I do admit, I did think it a bit cute when one of my son in laws discovered his inner creativity by becoming a ‘Twinkly’ house designer a couple of years back. img_6126

Fed in part by the competition run by the local power company, who obviously are laughing all the way to the bank each December, and who dangle prizes of free power and other goodies in the faces of the more obsessed ‘Twinklies’ converts.img_6368

On family visits, I have observed his bits of paper lying around covered in designs and planning.  The more the merrier seems to be the main design brief, haha.  Plus, I see  heaps of media scanning going on, searching for bigger and better ‘Twinklies’ to outdo last year’s production without being budget busting.img_4622

Seeing the risk to the son in law’s life and limb, when the ladder comes out and he hangs off the eaves and rooftop, enmeshed in electrical wiring to execute the plan, I can’t help but wonder if a serious addiction might be taking place here, maybe an intervention might be needed, joke.img_5976

This ‘Twinklies’ obsession is obviously also contagious as the daughter and grandchildren have this year been sucked into its vortex and are busy creating window displays.  My photo taking skills. like the one below through the glass, have taken a steep learning curve as well, how to avoid reflections.thru-the-glass

Visions of winning, read, beat the neighbours/rivals, haha, with the most ‘Twinklies’ strings of coloured lights, Christmas motifs and baubles, that the imaginations can dream up and places can be found to bang a nail in, is the name of the game.img_6391The spinoff, from the advent of ‘Twinklies’ house couture, has created a new Christmas tradition for many families, a Christmas lights tour. img_6394

In car and van loads, families take the kids out cruising the streets.  Its a double treat, first, they enjoy the delights of the visual feasts, but equally as important to the young ones, is the second, getting to stay up past bedtime as daylight savings holds back peak darkness.img_5983

Standing in the blackness of their ‘Twinklies’ garden late one night, trying to figure out my camera settings for night shots, I got to overhear the visiting children giving out genuine, oohs, aahs and cools, in enjoyment, as they spied the fairy grotto and wandered in the garden’s sparklyness, to peep in at the window displays.img_5947

Addiction or not, the house lights are my busy hardworking family’s way to bless others with some joy, any prizes just a bonus, which is what the true spirit of Christmas is about. Didn’t the first Christmas event happen to bless us and bring joy to the world?

Have a look around for someone you can bless with some joy this Christmas season as well.  God bless Coral.

PS, first time this year, they did win a prize, money and vouchers to feed the ‘Twinklies’ monster for another year.  LOL.img_5972