Just after we had a sudden summer deluge, I drove around a corner and there he was.

Sitting in an overflowing, water filled pothole, at the side of the road.

An impressively handsome, big as, Muscovy duck, enjoying the results of our short drenching from the sky.


We eyed each other up as I parked as near as I dared.

Camera in hand, I clicked away enchanted, as he magnificently transformed, ‘Splish splash taking a bath’ into duck performance art.img_7170

Parading back and forth, up and down, across his stage, keeping a wary eye in my direction, it was as if he knew he was playing to his audience of one.


Whether using his large feet, to paddle furiously, or strutting, dragging his massively powerful, flapping wings, he churned up a tornado sized storm of water. img_7115

Splashing his body with as many showers of puddle drops as he could scoop up, he wasn’t satisfied until all his feathers were completely soaked and bedraggled.


He then meticulously dragged each and every one of them through his beak to clean them before, Ooops, distracted.


Like we all do haha, he appeared to get temporarily mesmerized by his own selfie reflection, LOL.


Must not forget to hose between the toes.


For us humans its not so easy to clean ourselves up, no matter how much we might want to or how hard we try.


The stains of our past lives are like the blood on ‘Macbeth’s hands’, stubbornly unable to be completely removed until we surrender to Jesus the Saviour, to wash it all away.


All done, gotta love that Muscovy Mohawk.

The Grandkids’ think, theirs, are a new thing but God beat them to it, lol.

God’s Blessings this week, Coral.