For the coming New Year, 2017,

I would send three wishes flying to every heart, home, and country of our world.

A wish for Peace,


a wish for Love,


and lastly a wish for Joy.img_5762

The two big political events of 2016, Brexit and the American election, that changed the course of world events, were an unbelievable at the time achievement of pure people power!

A new year gives us the opportunity to kick the door shut on what’s behind and look with fresh eyes and a clean slate into 2017.butterfly-for-cards

Imagine what could be achieved, multiplying people power, millions and even billions, across the planet, ignoring color, creed and race to embrace the message of these  lyrics,

‘Let there be peace on earth

and let it begin with me,

‘Let there be peace on earth,

the peace that was meant to be’.

My three wishes could

grow wings and take flight.


God’s Love and Blessings for 2017.