The Angel Band.

 Today, the Angel Band came to our family and quietly and peacefully, carried away, Grandfather Barry, on their snowy white wings to his immortal home.


The Grandson, eight, after processing the news of his Grandfather’s passing for a while, asked his mother if she had heard any more updates about ‘Poppa’ as they called him, because he wanted him back.

The little Granddaughter, four, informed me, ‘Poppa’ would be busy visiting all his friends in heaven.

Their father, my Son in law, spent many hours visiting at his bedside, facing the painful reality his parent was going to be leaving forever.

After the last time, when he arrived home and I looked into his eyes, it was like I could see right through into his hurting heart.

Grandfather Barry’s wife, who married him at a young age,  had given up her life for many years to care for his complicated, worsening, medical needs.

Now she will take his cremated remains home in a box until she decides how to celebrate his memorial.

Death arrives at everyone’s door, sooner or later, and we all process it in our own ways.

However, my experience has been, that only a faith in Jesus can carry us through the pain and hurt, until our family circle is rejoined in the Heavenly Father’s home.


God’s Blessing on you and yours.











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