There’s a lot of painful letting go for a seventy something as this is a time of many changes, lasts and losses.

During the past month, three  people in my life, a family member, a long term family friend, and a dear old saint, church family member, were all called home to glory land.

Even though, I believe they are now free from all sickness and pain with Jesus.  I had a lingering sadness, missing that they were no longer physically present.

Needing a change of scenery, the little dog, and I with my camera, went walkies along the seashore, one of my favorite, go to, spirits’ lifter activities.

The totally, awe inspiring majesty and size, of the horizon to horizon vista helps me remember how big my God is.  In proportion, my problems seem to shrink back down to size and my fears are calmed.


This pair of cuties, a mother and son, were zealously racing around, barking, guarding the car, while their family were enjoying the sea.

Dull grey, overcast, skies threatening rain, hadn’t deterred  visitors on their long holiday weekend from plunging into the endless, frothy, rolling waves.

Out and about in God’s creation, I have learned to keep my eyes expectant  for any of the secret signs of him, he has embedded all around us.img_9248

Looking like flowers sprinkled down a wedding aisle for the bride and groom, were these strange sea creatures strewn along the high tide mark.  They had created a beautiful, ribbon pathway scattered across the length of the sand.

A couple of young girls drew a few spectators as they tried in vain to get their unwilling horse into the surf, its supposedly good for horses’ leg muscles.  He didn’t play ball, prancing around acting skittishly, so they settled for a  walk along the sand.


For some unknown reason, other beach dogs always feel they must bowl up to give the little dog the once over.  This big fella was a bit intimidating, lol.


 Further around the beach at the inlet of the river mouth, low tide, creates a tricky sand bar that has capsized many a boatie.

However, it is also an area popular with long rod fishermen, who, after staking out their bit of the tidal river estuary, cast out their lines and sit down to wait for a biting fish to send it into spasms.

When this thoughtless, speeding Jetski driver, turned up and started doing wheelies on the water, they were not happy campers.


A huge seagull ruckus started up in the sand dunes behind me and even though I was unable to see what it was all about, I snapped away with the camera.

Fighting it out in the sky, a whole bunch of large and small seagulls seemed to be flying in circles and screeching insults at each other.

Back home looking at the pics on the laptop screen, I discovered it had all been a big bun fight, literally. img_9448In the next pic it looks like the little fella is going to slink off and surrender to the big black back bully.  The discarded wrapper is still nearby.img_9433Then a small friend arrives to share the spoils and gives him courage to return to the stare down.

bullying-seagullsNext, all bets are off, its all out war, ‘angry birds’ for real! The troops start to dive-bomb him and chase him off.  seagulls-4

Note that one at the top trying to get in a nip of his wing as he takes flight.  My Aha moment, the secret message of the beach trip, I realized, was contained in the storyboard on my screen.

Like in the seagulls’ world, there will always be bullies trying to steal our lunch, whatever form it takes.

Then I thought of that time Jesus said, in the world you will have tribulations, but be of ‘good cheer’, for he has  overcome them already.

I knew my inner was telling me, you choose, ‘good cheer’, by faith and keep fighting until the feelings agree.kickn-butt

He is so outa there!

God bless, and keep kicking the devil’s butt, writing that statement makes me smile, and gives me courage, greater is he with us than those against us.  The best, go to, Spirits lifter.

Squawking hard out, I think this one was trying to enforce the speed limit, lol.