As a new comer to photography, I read somewhere that early morning and evening light gives the nicest pics.


So after tea each evening, (having ditched the political propaganda of the, ‘evening news’) the little dog and I kill two birds with one stone as the saying goes, on a walkabout down by the riverside.


Finding the right lens for the pics I want to take has been a big experiment.  Having generated a lot of buys and sells on ‘trademe’ in the process.


I am now saving up for a lens with a red line painted around the top.  Apparently, this signifies they are the tops, who knew!

river-16-2In this process, I got some negative feedback, ugly words and faces, posted about me, from a couple of upset ‘trademe’ sellers which I just didn’t get.


They objected to me reselling their lenses soon after buying them, when I had read up a bit more and realized I needed to ‘trademe’ up.

Yet, I bet that was their reason for selling too!

river-18My big desire is to one day, get the magic configuration of correct lens and settings all come together at the right instant, to capture the riverside residents, ducks, pukekoes, herons, and eagles, in flight.


I just didn’t get it, lol!  The website is called ‘trademe’ for a reason.  If they got their price, and mostly I sold at a loss, it wasn’t like I was profiteering off their inferior second hand glass.

Why were their knickers in a knot?  Strange!


I’m sure, if left to its own devices, my camera would do a great job as machines are taking us over everywhere.   However, I am determined to master the buttons myself.


I am ok with robots doing factory work etc, but you won’t get me to believe the news reports that robotic, dogs/companion/lovers, my mind boggles, are as good as the real thing, its just weird.


The little dog, probably because of the regular stops for pics, seems to have intuited my interest in any living creature along the way.


The minute his lead is released, he morphs into a bird-dog, haring off along the river bank poking his nose into bushes and long grassy areas, flushing them out for camera at the ready, mwa, to get a pic.

Maybe its in his genes from way back.

river-15Having happened upon the scene of many a great pic down at the riverside, I’ve seen firsthand, how popular our at present, dead, silted up river is and the potential it has for our town.


I, and many others, are hoping that the movement to get the water flowing again, will be successful.


If the stuck in the mud, bureaucrats, would pull finger, who knows, maybe rowing regattas like the 1901 ones, my grandfather participated in, would see a revival.


Maybe even houseboat living like, ‘pensitivity 101’ on wordpress could help some of our homeless.

river-12God as part of his creation has given our town a beautiful asset that needs to be put right again.img_9211

God bless, and try not to get your knickers in a knot over imaginary stuff, haha.