On sleepovers at my Nana’s, I remember watching  her bedtime rituals every night, fascinated.


After filling up hotties to warm our feet, she sat on the edge of her bed in her night clothes, winding up her big old ticking clock and setting the next day’s alarm to ring.


It seems to me now, that back then, day to day, time appeared to move slower and we accomplished more.  Certainly, the constant reminder of loud tick tocking in our ears made it harder to ‘lose’ track of time.


The fancier clocks even chimed on the quarter and half hours, with the gongs striking the number of times for the matching hour.


 Nowadays, with silent, modern day clocks time can quickly race past unnoticed.  Ever been on the internet after midnight? lol.


My thirty something daughter, the other day remarked how she resents ‘the man’ accounting for so much of her time.  She’s been listening to Johnny Cash, haha.


But the sentiment is true, no matter what our age, one of life’s challenges is to beat time sneakily stealing our quality of life.


I read somewhere a bit of news about the hands on the so called, ‘doomsday clock’ being moved forward, because of the dangerous times we now live in.


It reminded me of Nana’s clock ritual and got me thinking, perhaps its time for us to fight back, unwinding the clocks driving us faster and faster.


Solomon in the Bible said, there is a time for everything under the sun.  Our part is to figure out, one of life’s biggy questions, what is important and valuable to us.  Time is a resource we can only spend once.



How satisfying, at the end of our journey to be able to look back and say with peace in our heart, I did the best I could with my allotment of time.


Unbelievably, already, we are in the second week of the second month of 2017, and my current challenge is, flying solo, going fully manual with my camera’s  controls.  What a buzz when it actually works.



The  little dog and I came across these Gypsy minstrels, usually seen at Gypsy fairs, in a side street leading to the riverside, enjoying some modern retail therapy, lol.



At the riverside, this nifty boat motored past at a good clip and moored nearby.

Talking with a fellow dog lady, she proffered this bit of local gossip.  The little boat’s captain is ex navy, lives up river and likes to come in it to town shopping.



Waiting outside the Salvation Army Church, to give Linda, the bread lady with a mission, a helping hand, I was trying out some settings and a mobility scooter rider, shopping, became my first ‘street photo’.


Twice weekly, we bag up and deliver, trolley loads of leftover bread, buns, cakes etc, from a large Supermarket in the next town to locals who need a helping hand.



God Bless, redeem your time wisely.