Joyriding this week with a daughter to pick up the granddaughter from pre-school, any excuse to get out and about, lol, we stopped for their family’s weekly, after school, ice cream cones, from the dairy.


Too hot and too tired to clamber up and down in one of those high truck/people mover, cars, I chose, along with the three kids, my flavour and waited in the car.


It reminded me of how similar getting old is to being young, as I felt like a kid again when my daughter handed me my ‘anything chocolate’. What else is there?


Driving to the kids’ park just along a bit, we parked up to enjoy our ‘lickers’ and let the little granddaughter do a bit of rock hunting.


According to the grandkids, rocks are really rocking the world.  Who knew? not me. They reckon rocks are big, because, they’ve made it to face-book and have their own website!  Cool right.


What makes these garden variety of rocks so famous is their painted on decorations, where in the highways and byways you find them secreted, and how far away they can manage to travel.


Back at our park, even with help in the form of a written clue, and a mother, rock finding was proving elusive and time consuming.


Much encouraging and jollying along, was needed to keep the little granddaughter, who was getting fed up looking, going, until eventually she found the prize, hidden deep under the play boat.


Rock day, turned out to be our only sunny day for weeks, no spring and now no summer.  We have had so much rain that the river level flooded up and over where we usually walk.


This seagull scored a feast of filleted fish bodies washed up near the boat ramp.


These two were unable to float their boat.  Much discussion, revving, and smoke pollution later, they had to abandon ship for the day.


Late in the evening while trying to get a pic of a really red sunset, I noticed a motorbike rider acting funny. He was stopping and starting, jumping on and off to dart around with a bag, putting something in the bushes along the riverside.  Rocks in waiting, I’m guessing!


God bless, and if you have any spare time, paint some rocks with pictures and messages to hide in places for others to find and be blessed.