How can a light that burns so bright suddenly disappear?

After capturing this gorgeous sunset at the end of day, I relocated, to try getting the hang of night photos with my camera.


I had already studied up the basics, there’s everything plus the kitchen sink, on, youtube, lol.

I set up my camera on a tripod in a high spot overlooking our Main street, taking a guess how long to leave the timer on for.

Waiting nervously to check out the results, I could see the drivers spotting me and looking up, probably wondering why they were getting filmed.


Wallah! I got it worked out right.  All those coloured lines are cars passing in front of the open lens.  I felt like I had mastered the secret of the universe, not just a new photo technique.

Turning around I also snapped our old Water Tower and the Dutch Windmill, both lit up in alternating colours at night.


A few days later in the evening, I went to get my fussy cat, Spotty, (age seventeen) some food at the Supermarket and it was all ‘lights out’.

They were even unable to open the electronic doors to get out.  Found out, a big accident out on the highway nearby had cut the power to a lot of people.


Looking out over the town from my vantage point up on the hill reminded me of the lines from an old-time Christian song, about coming home.  ‘Its just about supper time’,  ‘I can see the bright lights shine’.

Remembering back to my various homes in days’ past, lighted windows coming in sight, where loved ones waited, always cheered me up and warmed my heart, after long hard days.

And that I know, will be my feelings as I see the bright light of heaven shining, after my last sunset and lights out here.

God Bless, and let your bright light shine every day, you never know who around you is looking for it.


Guess the Pizza shop is the most popular in town after dark, yum.