Across the wires Loverboy’s words of honey had her craving for more

 his skills of deception honed on his twelve year old kid in law

hoodwinked with no clue to the many who had eaten his poison before.

Loverboy mesmerized strutting his stuff blinding her to what others fore-saw

lured to his den with promises bold turning instead to painful wounds deep in her core

her last whisper of breath was but a puff when escaping his realm heartbroken and sore.

Tossing away the  psycho pills Loverboy rages and roars like a dog with a bone

going on five years now seeking to punish the only one lucky enough to flee alone

now using the little kid as a weapon in court he’s out to destroy her new home.

The moral of the tale my lovely kind daughter would warn

beware of a Loverboy not in God’s plan he could be a Bullyboy wanting a pawn.

he who shouts loudest

The loudest voice is not always right.


‘If God be for us who can be against us?’