the old hands

wild things

i went to church today God because i read in the good book not to forsake assembling together with the brethren

i was disappointed there was no greeter on the door to say hello or welcome me in making it easier

sitting two rows from the back as church theory says the back row is for the last in first out ones who want to bolt

i waited isolated hearing the voices of the old hands clustered on the right in their lifetime seats chattering

no eye contact smiles bridged the aisle to the sprinkling come seeking a home on the left hand side

standing in the congregation focusing on thanking worshiping praising you God unconnected was hard

someone on the right with eyes shut tight prayed out loud thanking you God for their church’s unity

mustering courage among strangers us on the left joined the shared lunch in the hall

nibbling finger food making small talk on benches along the wall we watched uninvited the three full tables of old hands’ cliques munching

i thought about in heaven God how at the marriage supper of the lamb there will be no them and us just we who love you and are called by your name and wondered how old hands will cope.


God Bless your week, Coral













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