‘Give it a go’ she said, after the demo.

My eyes automatically screwed tight shut and my shoulders scrunched at the thought of what she was asking.

To take a gadget with a needle and poke a hole in my body to make it bleed, sounded so scary, awful, I couldn’t imagine how people did this for fun, unbelievable.

Who knew you could be diagnosed with Diabetes and high blood pressure as a Seventy something, lol, certainly not me, but here we are.

The nurse had to do the first time prick and as I suspected it hurt. The time after that, my daughter had to drive across town in her PJ’S, late at night to do the prick.

I was in full woost denial!

After a night studying the manual and thinking it over, I faced my fears, took the needle, braced for the prick, and plunged it into my finger.

A week down the track, the pricks and also now the holes, still hurt. However the good news, I am addicted to the blood reading meter.

I wait in eager anticipation for it to display the magic number contained in my blood for this prick.

The patterns revealed in the blood glucose show me which foods bump it sky high, helping me experiment with my diet, and hopefully shrink some old age spread.

I am now also the proud owner of a ‘FITBIT’ that is tracking my every move, literally, haha.

In the middle of the little dog’s forest walk the heart rate numbers flashed a message, ‘FAT BURNING’ a great motivator to speed it up and do more!

Leisurely ambling, more describes the dog walks of late and I have even been known to drive the car slowly along the riverside, while he runs beside.

So, I have had a big wake up call to lift my game on lifestyle.

As I sat in church, Palm Sunday, the start of the Easter week, a graphic of the crucifixion was on the screen.

It reminded me how horrendous those major PRICKS, having nails hammered through your flesh, must have truly hurt.

I also thought of how hardened the hearts of the soldiers doing it must have been, and how grateful I am for the end result.

After letting Jesus into my life, he gave me a new heart, a fresh start with new hope.

Any of our little pricks now, are nothing in comparison to his, given to provide our ticket to heaven to live in the heavenly home with him someday.

gold cross on purple

No Easter eggs for me 😦 this year.

However, I’ve heard very very dark chocolate, over 80 percent cocoa has lots of health benefits, so will sneak an extra piece and see what the pricker says about that, lol.

Have a blessed Easter, Coral.



  1. Thanks for sharing your story, I cringe when I watch my mother check here blood sugar.
    I’M a firm believer in healthy eating and regular activity.

    And to you and your family have a blessed Easter and year. And let us all remember what Easter stands for.

    I wrote a post on blood sugar monitoring technology that might interest you


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