I felt your smile God

Yesterday was your special day God.

The anniversary of that ghastly day when you had to abandon your dear son in whom you were well pleased to fulfill your plan to open the door of Heaven for all time for all who would come.

I know your birdseye view from above God of how your people are treated must  break your Father’s heart most days but yesterday was different.

In every place big and small your remnant who haven’t bowed the knee once again stood and proclaimed the death of your Son Jesus until his return.

Following your cross with the brethren down the center of the road on mainstreet in my little town feeling the warmth of the sun after days of rain, I was proud our group was showing out for you.

And I just knew you would be pleased seeing the millions of us in every nook and cranny of your world in your snapshot from the sky and it made me happy inside because I felt your smile was big and wide beaming down on us.

God bless Coral