My belief , that, ‘girls can do anything’ comes from years of testing and proving it to be so.

It was a message that was important to me to communicate to my girl students at school.


IMG_4251However, this week, during a sobering event, watching  soldiers parading past on our Anzac day remembrance, my belief was challenged.IMG_4311I noticed, I felt uneasy seeing young women in full military uniform among the marchers and participating in the ceremonies.

IMG_4422However, it wasn’t until I saw a uniformed soldier mum walking along with her toddler and pushchair, that what I was feeling gelled in my brain.


It seemed to me, a totally incongruous sight to see a mum raising her own new life, wearing a soldiers uniform, at the ready in this troubled world to go to war, and perhaps make the ultimate sacrifice.

I like to think, my grandmother and mother above would be pleased to see me standing in their shoes.

They also liked to attend the Anzac services  to remember their nephew and cousin who as young lad gave his life for our freedom.

IMG_4233Something about the shared sadness of remembering our little town’s war dead, broke down our traditional social barriers.

Strangers talked to strangers about their lost loved ones, and their handed down medals they wore with pride.

A lady near me showed me a photo she was carrying of her loved one who died, he was in the Mounted Cavalry. That horse is pretty wild eyed looking, lol.


A Magpie on a high perch overlooking the familiar rituals, kept up a running commentary of caw cawing, as if to point out the futility of it all.


After everyone had laid their wreaths and poppies around the Cenotaph,


there was total silence and reflection listening to the mournful sounds of the last post, played by a Bugler on a nearby hill.


This year is the hundred year anniversary of ‘The Great War’ WW1, supposed to be the war to end all wars, yet history, like groundhog day, keeps on repeating.


Jesus said, when you hear of wars and rumors of wars, we are to look up, for the time of our redemption from this earth is near.

Doesn’t that just describe the time we live in, so we must be about our Father’s business until the ‘Prince of Peace’ returns, when the Lion will be able lay down with the lamb.

God Bless Coral.IMG_4437