Great news, the numbers have come down dramatically, we are now out of the stratosphere and I’m feeling like seventy something is the new fifty, lol.

Like the story of the frog not noticing the water he was in, slowly getting hotter, I had not noticed how, slow and sluggish, had crept up on me, becoming my norm.


When the Doctor pronounced high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and diabetes, I was stunned.

It took a lot of hours of researching the internet to figure out the best way forward for me, and during that process, it was pretty spooky how relevant the ads were that kept popping up in the sidebar.

But of course, no coincidence, now that Google’s been outed to the world tracking all our info and sites we visit.


However, having said that, while having a grumble under my breath at Google’s intrusion into my privacy, an ‘Apple Cider Vinegar’ ad did catch my eye and turn out to be valuable.

Rather skeptical of the claims being made, but with nothing to lose, I ordered a bottle and began taking two tablespoons in a glass of water daily.

Adding a low carb diet, flaxseed bread my new taste treat, the fitbit challenging me to keep upping the counting steps, I am happy to say not only have the vital numbers crashed but the extra pounds around the tummy are also shrinking.

My tech savvy, eight year old Grandson, on his school holidays’ sleepover, became fascinated with the fitbit’s capabilities, so I let him wear it for an afternoon.

Wanting to see how far he could wind up the step counting clock he tried out every crazy thing he could dream up.  Going flat out, running on the spot, then on the strider, jumping up and down until he got puffed then racing with the dog beside the car down at the riverside.


At the end of the day he felt really proud he had added 5000 steps to my 5000, setting off a big celebration of stars and balloons on the fitbit’s face.

A bit of fun for him who is now convinced he needs his own fitbit and a rest day for my body, haha.

I thank God for showing me the solutions to overcome my health problems and reminding me in his Bible, ‘I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength’.

rainbow clouds 2

I also can vouch for the efficacy of organic ‘Apple Cider Vinegar’ with the mother intact, it tastes revolting, like some nasty medicine until you get used to it, but gives a real renewed feeling of wellbeing.

God bless Coral.