My camera is always in the car whenever I am out and about driving.  This has given me many an opportunity to capture some small town sights not to be seen in more prim and proper larger towns.

The residents in my small street were a bit bemused when a neighbor who fancies himself to be a bit of an urban farmer first arrived.

We watched, wondering, as he set about building what looked like a large wooden shed smack bang in the middle of his front yard.

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And that was only the beginning, he went on to cover his structure with old tin and car tires, before digging up all of his lawn, to pile on top.

Our only guess about his finished work, was, perhaps being a Mormon, it was his food storehouse for the end-times.


After he had finished his masterpiece of landscaping, he became the only one in town whose front yard was a carpark, with a small mountain in the middle, on which to graze his animals destined for the pot.


After our local carpet factory closed down a few years back they kept the grass in their extensive grounds under control with a small flock of sheep.

Later a group of goats bossed about by this nosy, big Billy goat, joined them.  Not satisfied with just grass they are often to be seen climbing the trees for a nice munch of leaves.


Driving past this week I spotted the latest addition to the lawn mowing team, this pair of  cute young Llamas.

llama 2

Being very shy it was hard to get a close up, but I just fell in love with this absolutely gorgeous face, don’t you just want to kiss it?

llama 1

Sundays quite a few out of town visitors come to browse our ‘Up’ cycled shops.  As they say, one man’s junk is another one’s treasure.

Love the, ‘we buy junk and sell antiques’ message, buyers beware, haha.

goldies (2)

Goldie is a famous early New Zealand artist.

In this shop lived an equally famous counterfeiter of his work, who was so good, he fooled all the experts and its believed some of his works are in museums around the world.

Also on Sundays our horse drawn tram comes out to ferry families town and around.   My own horse mad daughters once earned their pocket money as the drivers. 


The children all love this small blast from the past and this shot shows what happens when, old meets new, plus roadworks at the same time.

My final pic for now, that I thought was interesting, is this specials board from outside the Chinese greengrocers.

013 (4)

Apparently an artsy person from the big city has turned this image into a painting that is for sale.

Maybe dilapidated is in, but I’m guessing its probably not everyone’s cup of tea for the lounge, lol.

God Bless Coral.






  1. Wow, you truly had an amazing time capturing those beautiful sights. The animals were so adorable. What amazed me more is your ability to capture those animals cause you were able to show their emotions. Keep shooting Nanny 😃. Have a great day ahead!


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