I’m thinking right now of that line from a song,

‘into every life a little rain must fall’.


No matter how comfy, cozy, we try to cocoon ourselves, eventually life leads each of us through dangerous terrain on roads that we find really challenging, and where our Faith  must become a long game.

In the area where I live roadblocks from rock falls, hillsides slipping and bridges collapsing in winter, often occur.

Looking at the pics of one of our main highways north, the Manawatu Gorge slip, in the local rag, got me thinking about the many parallels there were with our journey along the twisty turning highway of life.

Currently, the road is predicted to be closed for months while they clear the latest rockfall.  Meantime, the motorists who have been diverted to winding back country roads, have no choice,  but to develop patience during the waiting time.


In the natural realm, it takes the road workers a long time, with a lot of backbreaking hard work, some really big machinery, even a stick or two of explosive to clear the mountainous dirt and boulders blocking our road.

If we apply that methodology to the roadblocks in our spiritual realm, truth be told,  sometimes, its going to be a long haul, requiring hard work, courage, and patience, (not my strong suit, lol),  with heaps of dig deep honesty at the painful places to clear our way forward, with no quick fix.

As I’ve grown in my Faith, I’ve come to understand that living the Christian life is not meant to be a ‘Rose Garden’! or all ‘Mountaintop Experiences’, as I once thought.

Often there is a Faith long game that we don’t always see in our difficulties and battles.

Many times while stuck waiting at a roadblock, the circumstances we face can appear so overwhelming and daunting that thoughts of giving up can try to take control of our mind.


However, this is when we most need to dare to trust, the one who loves us the most, knows the best for us, and will always have our back.

God’s love can conquer all, if we have it truly settled in our heart of hearts, we are loved, forgiven, cleansed, empowered and equipped for the journey.

His desire and plan is for each of his children to learn to overcome those negative voices vying to pull us down by replacing them, with all the good things he says about us in his BIBLE.

The coinage of God’s Kingdom is Faith, by faith we are saved, transferred into the Kingdom of light from the Kingdom of darkness and by faith healing and deliverance from our roadblocks is possible.

Faith, isn’t designed for just sitting around resting at a certain level, but is incremental, taking us from strength to strength.

Every pothole, detour, roadblock, and down in the valley winter experience on our journey that we overcome, strengthens us to become winners in the Faith long game.


The more times that we risk putting ourselves out there, walking on the water, trusting God, and seeing how he brings us through, over, or around, the more we build up the faith muscle memory in our brain.

Today, I challenge you to take the miracle working God of the bible at his word.

Join me, determined in never looking back, (who really wants to be a pillar of salt?) and after having done all to stand, stand, until we blast clear of any roadblocks to winning our Faith long game.

Take courage and God Bless Coral.