Back when I was new to internet banking, my bank once timed me out for being too slow moving my money around.  This week New Zealanders were given a Winter weather timeout.

The collective moans and groans rising heavenwards this year about our missing Summer and Autumn must have triggered some sort of divine intervention out there in deep space.



The results have been seven days of a complete reversal from grey, dismal, bleak, days, which, apart from chilly nights and frosty mornings, have exploded into gloriously brilliant sunny days.

We have been treated to a completely out of season, winter weather timeout.

Whatever the cause of our weather blip, this timeout was great inspiration to take the little dog and camera out and about to capture some pics and vitamin D, lol.

clouds 3

Trying out an old 50mm lens and a polarizing filter gave me some cool shots of piles upon piles of candy floss cumulus clouds that passed overhead for days.

clouds 5

Then it was off to the beach, well after getting around this huge boat returning home from the wharf, just going at tractor speed, beach time lol, is completely unfazed about holding up the traffic.



In the carpark I spotted this visitor sharing his hot chips. Who says there’s no free lunch? Not these Seagulls snatching them out of his hand.


Lots of dogs and owners were all enjoying their beach walkies.



Well except this big fella lunging like mad.  He was none to happy at his owner tugging him past the little dog without doing a meet and greet. By the looks of him it could have been meet and eat.

Loved these two just sitting, watching the passing parade.


The results of our Winter weather timeout were a surprise to many and confused nature, birds were out mating and nesting, bulbs and trees sprouting early.



Now its back to full on Winter with a vengeance, raging winds and rainy storms while the little dog and I toast ourselves in front of the wood burner.

Sometimes, on our journey through life its important to take a little Winter timeout window, to refresh us, renew our spirits to cope and enable us to look forward to the Spring that we can be assured will always follow our winters.


God Bless Coral