As our seasons have been changing, God’s been showing off his Creation’s beauty, splashing the sky with many amazing Sunsets.sunset 4 (2)

During my teacher training, my well known, local artist, art teacher, said to me, ‘artists get to improve on God’s creation’.

After nights of photographing spectacularly beautiful, late evening sunsets, at the end of the day, I’m convinced he was just wishful thinking, lol.

sunset 1 (2)

Many songs and poems have been written about sunsets.

Maybe, because, just a glimpse of a masterpiece in the sky, creates such feelings of awe lifting our hearts, our perspective is able to return back to the right place.

I like to think of them as a heavenly signal from God the Father.  Its his code for, this day’s now done, go into your night resting in peace, for tomorrow I will bring a new fresh beginning.

sunset 5 (2)

I’ve calculated that in my lifetime, 266 thousand, and 580 sunsets have been and gone, so I have to figure, it won’t be long before I journey to ‘beyond the sunset’.

If my belief that magnificent sunsets portray the entrance to another time and place, is true, then the world beyond, our forever heavenly home, must surpass even their beauty.

sunset 3

Once, on a trip with others to visit Church groups in the Philippines, to encourage them, when it came time to move on, as we boarded our bus everyone one turned out to wave us visitors off.

A dear lady, risking getting the bus door shut on her, stood on the lower step calling up to us, saying, if she never saw us again, she would be watching at heaven’s gate for us.

When my Grandchildren told me recently they didn’t want me to die, after having another Grandparent pass on.

I was able to reassure their hearts, that our Faith in God, means we will all be together again in heaven one day, where there’s no more goodbyes.

And also, I will be looking out the gate until I see each one of their lovely faces arrive.

sunset 2 (2)

In the meantime, I’m taking the time to soak up Sunsets from this side.

Knowing I have Jesus, the key to the door beyond, living in my heart gives me the confidence to live at peace.

I’m hoping you have made that choice as well.

If not, every time you look skyward at a Sunset, pause to admire and remember.

If you ask Jesus into your life, you too will receive the key unlocking his heavenly home, ushering in a new day and beginning for you.

Don’t forget, I’ll be watching out for you, just inside God’s pearly gates.

God Bless Coral.