It all started out in a very low key way, nothing flash, just the odd outing here and there, pointing and shooting, family and blog pics.

One year on, lots of time spent studying and researching, money spent  upgrading three cameras and many lenses, I have to admit in hindsight I now see, I have been hopelessly captured by the photography bug.

IMG_6730 (2)

All around me, wherever I am or whatever I am doing, my eyes and brain are perceiving the world through the lens of ‘what a great photo that would make’.

IMG_6620 (2)

Getting up early or staying out late to get shots with the right light, crawling around in swamps to get bird pics, or trying to discretely capture street shots have become my normal, daily, lol, life.

IMG_6930 (2)Rationally, I know great photographs can be taken by people who know their stuff with any gear, but that doesn’t stop me obsessing and drooling over the latest in the glossies.


Years of budgeting skills are now being utilized as I eye up my next upgrade, without loosing the roof over my head, haha.

IMG_7067 (2)I just love the creative control I can have when photographing the natural beauty in the environment God has put all around us, pointing out in wonderful detail how much he cares for us.



IMG_7114 (2)

That is why the bible says, no one can say he doesn’t exist, because his creation all around us screams out his name.

God Bless