I’ve faced it.

For my whole lifetime, I have never thought, acted or seen the world, for any sustainable period of time through the eyes of most, and now its time to embrace that.

One clue, hanging red Venetian Blinds in your new house in a street of white ones. COCKY 1On a visit to another town’s park, I was sad to come across these beautiful birds in a dirty dark cage.

Instantly my mind thought of Maya Angelou’s lines about, ‘why the caged bird doesn’t sing’.

The birds reminded me of the years I’ve spent trying unsuccessfully to fit into the round hole of the ‘norm’ box, unable to sing.CAGED BUDGIE

But the time has come, to break out, embrace my ‘square peg’ in a round hole self, and enjoy doing some singing.

Sadly, accepting yourself as different and flying free, has costs.

Oftentimes, many ‘square pegs’ are overwhelmed by their feelings of being, the odd one out, other, always looking in through the window of life from the outside, and never make it.

Years of messages, sneakily, bombarding our consciousness and invading our psyche have us believing being a ‘square peg’ in a world of roundness equates to being not just different, but inferior.sad green budgieBut, no more believing that lie for me!

Lifetime experience has taught me that actually the opposite is true.

In a world full of round holes and a majority of cookie cutter, round people, ‘square pegs’ are the only ones left, who are truly capable of seeing the bigger picture for real!CAGED BLUE BUDGIEAccepting myself as a ‘square peg’ means never again  allowing painful, squashing, stuffing and hammering into round holes.

Or worse, trying to stifle my mind and voice in an attempt to ‘pass’ as round, while feeling shamed inside because I just don’t fit.

However, this ‘square peg’ has found there is a place of peace in God’s loving acceptance, where all in this world can fit.CAGED DOVE 2From the security found under his wings, courage is conferred, to live true to your real self, ‘square peg’ or not.

So be encouraged, and allow others the same opportunity to take a stand on top of their mountain, beside the do or die, flag of freedom, enabling us all to better enjoy our short adventure together on this planet.rainbow swinger

God Bless everyone.