Recent happenings in my family, beyond our control, have been so confronting, that fear nearly managed to overwhelm my belief in God’s goodness, and that our heavenly father says, he will work all things together for our good.

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After a few days of almost doubting my faith, I heard a message in the lines from two Christian songs, which floated up from my spirit in quiet moments at different times.


‘The Anchor Holds’ was the first one I kept hearing, ‘I have fallen on my knees before the raging seas’, describing perfectly where I was at, completely broken and lost in the dark.

The next words are, ‘the anchor holds,     in spite of the storm’.

beach sunset


God used this second song to put me in remembrance of his great love for me,‘You gave me love’.

‘You gave me love when nobody gave me a prayer’

are words that say everything about my life when Jesus came into my heart and took over.

beach pond

And because, ‘You touched my heart and you touched my soul and helped me start all over again’ God, I know that no matter what the storm, if I hang on and trust, your anchor will hold.



God bless All.